Arts and Crafts
October 11, 2022

I have worked with arts and crafts since I was a kid.  It was my favorite subject in school, and I got into a lot of different ones at home, as well.  I’ve worked with flower arranging, stained glass, painting, drawing, dollhouse miniatures and just putting things together to make odd stuff.  I am known to be a self-proclaimed fruit freak, and much of my art depicts fruit.  I’m also into veggies, Victorian houses, bread, deer, bears, etc.  Supplies for many art and craft projects are available for sale on my Amazon page.

I learned flower arranging from a neighbor when I was in sixth grade, and she is now deceased.  But she taught me a lot, and I’ve expanded on her training since that time.  One of the best things she taught me was, “don’t ever let anyone else tell you when your finished with your project.  You’ll know when you’ve done enough”.

My dollhouse miniatures started out when I found half of a rubber ball in the street.  Not immediately, though. I picked it up because the inside looked like chocolate cake.  But I saved it for several years before I figured out how to turn it into a cake.  After that, I found several bread dough recipes, and expanded my line to include hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, pizza, tamales, etc.  Then, someone gave me a bunch of old electronic parts, which I turned into fire extinguishers, garden hoses with nozzles, dog food dishes, etc.  Finding a surplus electronic part store helped, as well as taking suggestions of things my customers wanted.

A word of caution to crafters who own cats.  You might want to keep them in another room while crafting.  Cats have the uncanny ability to see any loose items on a table as hockey pucks – to be immediately knocked on the floor.  They can knock everything down faster than you can pick anything up!