October 23, 2022

My mom curled up with a book every evening for years.  I know many others like her, in that way.  It helped to keep her mind sharp for many years.

When I was four, there was a program in my local newspaper on teaching your kids how to read at home.  My mom sat down with me, taught me how to read, and I was possibly the only kid in my kindergarten class who already knew how to read before starting school.  I ran with it from there.

I found out when I moved a few years ago,  that I had many more books than I knew I had.  I’m still putting them away.  See what books are available on

my Amazon site.

In my early years, I read a lot from Beverly Cleary, Carolyn Haywood, Catherine Woolley, and all of the Nancy Drew and many of the Bobbsey Twins books. Also, the series of Pippi Longstocking stories written by Astrid Lindgren.

I found, as I got into more and more stories, I had the urge to write my own.  So, now, I not only have bookcases full of other authors’ material, but I’m starting up with my own stuff!