Ways To Make Money With Your Crafts
March 23, 2024

If you’re making crafts at home, you might be wondering how to m ake money off them. Here are different ways to turn your hobby into a profitable business:

Sell handmade items on Etsy.com.

This website is an online craft fair where people can buy and sell their handmade wares to the masses. It’s easy to open up shop, and many crafters have luck selling their products here. The site generates revenue through seller fees, which go up or down depending on how much product you sell (the more you sell, the less they cost). There are also hundreds of thousands of views every day that sellers can advertise if they want it.

Teach classes at crafting stores.

Do you have a specific skill or knowledge to help others learn a craft? If so, teaching classes at the local lampworking store may be an option for you! Not only will this allow you to teach what you love, but it also gets your name out there in front of potential customers who may not have known about your product before.

Sell at craft fairs.

Crafters love to show off their skills at craft shows, which is why it’s such a popular place for artists to sell their wares! There are hundreds of different shows every year where crafters can get their work out there in front of many new faces. The downside is that you have to pay a fee just for the chance to participate, and if you don’t draw a crowd, well, that could end up being a costly hobby.

Sell wholesale.

This is for those interested in selling their work to retailers rather than just regular customers. If you can manufacture your products far more quickly than they can be created via handwork, this may be an option for you!

Open up an online shop.

Selling your crafts online is one of the most popular ways to make money with them. If you have a good product, it can be well received by people worldwide without having to pay for advertising or transportation costs. You won’t need to worry about holding inventory or paying for storage space, and several software solutions will help you process orders efficiently & securely. However, it’s not an easy road, as many entrepreneurs have found out.

Run craft workshops.

If you can get your crafts on the market but don’t necessarily want to sell them yourself, then there’s always the option of hosting craft workshops! You’ll still make money off of every item sold at these events, though it will be slightly less. Plus, you won’t need to worry about having inventory on hand since participants will order their items directly from you.

Amazon Handmade.

This is one of several platforms where crafters can shop and sell their products online! Amazon doesn’t take as large a cut as Etsy does, though it still factors in determining your final prices. Amazon has many additional features like social media integration, advertising opportunities, and more.

These were some of our suggestions on how to make money with crafts. Just remember to plan things out before diving into any specific avenue so that you don’t have to worry about your business failing! Thanks for reading & happy crafting!