9 Authors That Write Amazing Books
March 11, 2024

I love to read; I can easily sit down for a whole day and just read. Especially in the summer when it’s warm outside, and you have nothing but time. There is something very soothing about curling up on your couch with a cup of tea and a good book! And as much as I enjoy reading books from other authors, sometimes it’s great to give yourself a break from reading by writing your own stories!

So today, let me introduce you to 9 authors that write amazing books. They all have different styles and a wide variety of genres they write in, so everyone will find at least one book written by someone on this list that they might like!

J. K. Rowling.

If you haven’t heard of this author, I don’t know what you’ve been living under. But J. K. Rowling is the author behind Harry Potter, and she did it so well that she became one of the best-selling authors of all time! And rightly so- her writing style is wonderful. The plot for each book in the series is so well thought out that not even a robot could finish it off if something happened to her! She puts a lot of detail into everything she writes, making the books more enjoyable.

Rick Riordan.

Rick’s writing style is quite similar to J. K. Rowling’s, but he has managed to make his unique mark on how fantasy books should be written. He has a knack for inventing new mythologies and giving them to the whole world in the form of books! He is currently writing five different series that all take place in different times and places, but they are still somehow connected. His most well-known series, Percy Jackson, is amazing; I highly recommend it!

Cassandra Clare.

This author writes about half fantasy and half contemporary, so if you can’t decide whether you want your book with a little magic or a little love- check out her books! She writes for young adults, so anyone from 12+ can read her stories without worrying about what’s going on. There are several books in each series she has written so far, which means you can read and re-read them over and over again without getting bored!

Rick Yancey.

I’ve heard this author described as a horror, sci-fi writer who also knows how to write really good characters. He has written one series so far about aliens coming to earth and trying to destroy us, but there are several books in the series that I recommend you check out. He has recently written another book set in the same world as The 5th Wave, which I am currently reading and loving! If you like gore and scary stories about monsters, then Rick’s your guy!

Veronica Roth.

Veronica writes for young adults too (like Cassandra Clare), but she likes to write dystopian fiction rather than romances. She is most well known for writing Divergent, which has become a very successful movie franchise! There are several books in the Divergent series, but she has also written another trilogy in Chicago.

Veronica Rossi.

This author doesn’t just stop at one amazing book- her writing style is so good that she managed to write two great fantasy trilogies! The first is about humans who can turn into animals and the second (which I wish was three times as long because it’s so good!) includes magical guardians, wolf packs, and talking horses! You might like to try either series for your next read.

Rick Riordan 7 others.

Okay, this isn’t a person, but if you decide to pick up any of these eight books, then I promise you won’t regret it! Rick Riordan has written this collection of short stories designed for 10-14-year-olds, but they are still fun for anyone who loves fantasy and mythologies. These books tell the story behind several characters from his other books, which means that even if you don’t like the main character in one series- there is always a chance that you’ll love them here instead.

Lauren Kate.

Lauren comes from the same genre as Cassandra Clare- she writes a lot about angels and demons. The difference between them is that she likes to write about fallen angels, whereas Cassandra doesn’t usually write romance at all. Lauren’s books might be better if you were a little disappointed with something like the City of Glass.

John Green.

John Green is a slightly different kind of author. He writes contemporary books for teenagers, but they have a deeper meaning than romance and drama. The Fault in Our Stars was made into a film last year and although I didn’t watch it- I’ve heard that it’s really sad! So if you’re looking for a book that might make you cry, then why not start with one of his others instead?