How To Build A Wooden Shoe Rack
March 7, 2024

Build a wooden shoe rack for your home. Store shoes, boots, and other accessories out of sight and keep them organized with this useful piece of furniture.

Wood is an inexpensive option for building a shoe rack. This project will only require four pieces of wood:

One longboard cut to fit the length of your closet.

One shortboard that fits the width.

Two side pieces to attach between the top and bottom boards.

You can use plywood or particleboard instead of solid-wood boards if you like, but this is unnecessary as it does not affect the finished product’s appearance.

Start by cutting the longboard 24 inches longer than your closet. Use 2x4s as supports on each side of this piece.

Cut the shortboard to fit between these 2x4s. It should also be 24 inches longer than your closet. Attach it with wood glue and nails or screws. Measure from the top of the longboard to the top of the shortboard. Cut a piece from each side, so you have two pieces this length. Attach them on either side of these boards, which become a basic frame for your shoe rack.

Measure 14 inches in from each corner and attach one 2×4 vertically at this point. This will allow space to anchor hooks in place at a later step. If you plan to store heavy shoes such as hiking boots, consider placing more than one hook per row so they carry more weight.

Cut two pieces of wood to fit between the top and bottom boards, using the measurements from your closet. These are the dividers for each row. Measure 10 inches from each sideboard, this time on the bottom board, and attach a 2×4, so it is perpendicular to that board. This will allow you to rest shoes against it at later steps.

Attach a 2×4 across both dividers, so you have four sections evenly spaced. They should not be attached on either end or at both ends of these boards — just in the middle. Use screws rather than nails because they are stronger and more secure.

Paint or stain your shoe rack if desired. One coat is sufficient but add extra coats if necessary.

Place your shoes on the rack and secure them with zip ties if desired. Try to keep all of one type of shoe together, such as boots or sandals. You can also store items that do not rely on an enclosed space, like umbrellas, in the rack.

Tip: This project works well for small closets with little storage space. For larger closets, consider taking up several rows instead of only two. You can customize this project using many different types of wood, stains, or paint colors to suit your home’s theme or your tastes. Use hooks that fit your style by purchasing specialty ones made from copper tubing or vintage-style wall hooks. While wood glue is dry after you add on the dividers, you may want to use nails instead for a more secure hold. Make sure that your shoes do not have sharp or protruding edges that could cause scratches or mark up your wood.