How To Read More Books
March 4, 2024

As a child, I read books constantly. My mother told me that when I was still in utero, she would read the Bible to me while she was pregnant. This is part of how I developed my love for reading.

But after high school, reading took a backseat to everything else… especially video games. And then it wasn’t until my late twenties that I found myself seeking out ways to get back into reading again.

So here are some suggestions on how you can read more books…

Don’t stop with just one book at a time. If you are anything like me, trying to finish even one book in a month is an accomplishment. Maybe if you have the ability and time, try starting two or three different books at a time. I’ve been trying this recently, with pretty good results.

It is easier to read one chapter from three different books than it is to read 30 consecutive pages of one book—that way, if you have the urge to switch before finishing a book, you haven’t lost too much ground.

Don’t just stick to fiction. Reading fiction is great and all, but it shouldn’t be all that you read. Non-fiction has its place and can help you grow as a person in ways that fiction cannot. Learning new things will make your life more interesting and broaden your horizons as a human being… plus give yourself some conversation material!

S hort stories are my personal favorite because they are quick reads. If you are trying to read again, try starting with some short stories before getting back into your favorite novel.

Be consistent, but not too strict I think it’s important that you read every day if you can. But don’t get so strict on yourself that reading is no longer fun! Find what works best for you…

If you haven’t had the chance to read in a while and need motivation, write down something—anything—that will motivate you to start picking up books again, even if it is just one small thing like “I want to be able to tell people about what I am currently reading.” Whatever it is, find something that will give you the push that your previous attempts didn’t have and stick with it.

Read before bed ; This works for me and I suspect many others, too: Read to relax and wind down before bedtime. I read fiction for 10 minutes or until the part of the book I’m reading gets boring or slow… whichever comes first. Everything else can wait until tomorrow.

Don’t forget about audiobooks. Suppose you are trying to transition back into reading. In that case, there is nothing wrong with listening to an audio version of a book that interested you but you didn’t have time to finish. Then, once your mind is primed, go back and pick up where you left off. Plus, if your schedule is busy, an audiobook can be perfect for those moments when you are commuting by train or bus, driving long distances, exercising at the gym, or doing housework.

In conclusion… I hope this article helped you in your goal to read more books.