What To Do If Your Laptop Charger Breaks
February 7, 2024

When your laptop charger breaks, you’ll need to get a new one right away. There are ways you can try and fix it yourself, but these methods aren’t always reliable, so the best option might be to go out and buy a replacement charger.

In most cases, if your laptop’s not charging when you plug it in, then the actual adapter that plugs into your outlet is broken. If this is what happened to you, it should only take a few minutes to search online before finding a good replacement for sale. You can also try going to a brick-and-mortar store like Best Buy or Radio Shack so you can see their selection in person before deciding where to shop online from there.

However, sometimes it’s the actual wire that’s broken. If you’re not sure, here are some ways to determine whether the wire or the plug (where it plugs into your laptop) is actually at fault:

Check to see if your laptop turns on when you unplug it from the outlet and hold down the power button for three seconds before plugging it in again. If this works, it means the adapter itself is fine, but there might be something wrong with how your laptop reads its power source. Check to see if your device charges when you connect it to another working electrical outlet using a different extension cord. If this fixes things, then you know that the problem lay with the first electrical outlet rather than your charger or adapter, which means the problem is most likely with your wiring (i.e., something’s wrong with how it’s plugged in, not that the plug needs to be replaced).

It can be tough to discover that your laptop charger has broken and have to go out and buy a replacement (especially if this is an item you didn’t have on hand as backup). However, keep in mind that it doesn’t take too long to find one online, so at least it won’t set you back very far time-wise. It’ll just mean missing out on some more browsing before bed or watching one more episode of whatever show you’re currently bingeing on Netflix.

You might not be able to fix your laptop charger yourself, but you can find a replacement in no time! If it’s broken, don’t take any chances by making it work again .

And if none of these steps work, then I’m afraid your laptop charger is faulty or broken. It’s probably just a matter of time before it completely stops working. You’ll need to either buy another charger or get your device repaired at an authorized service center, depending on how much longer you want to keep your laptop without charging it.